1. Project cost                    - Rs. 350.00 lakhs.


2. Amount sanctioned     - Rs. 242.70 lakhs by NEC


3. Cost components of the project as per NEC's approved

           a) Factory (Work shed)                                                    - Rs. 26.20 lakhs.

           b) Construction of shed for entire operation area

                with galvanizing iron sheet and iron structure            - Rs. 16.50 lakhs.

           c) Clay brick making machine including mobile

               carting arrangement/trolley                                          - Rs. 130.00 lakhs.

           d) Brick making kiln                                                          - Rs. 70.00 lakhs

                                                                                   Total        = Rs. 242.70 lakhs.


5. Physical progress :


a) Land measuring about 2,60,000 sqft has been acquired at Buhchang and construction of RCC approach road measuring about 90 meters has been completed. Earth work like land filling of the whole area and levelling is already done.


b) Construction of factory work shed with an area of 6,000 sqft is completed. The machineries and its accessories have been installed by M/s Vego Machineries India Private Limited . Water tank of 8,000 litres construction is also completed.

c) Construction of Drying shed with an area of 10,500 sqft is completed. Trolley of 16 pieces is already purchased and is present at site.

d) Building of Brick making kiln with an area of 16,000 sqft with a chimney  of 135ft height is completed. Also covering of the entire operation area of Brick making kiln with galvanizing iron sheet and iron structure is not yet completed.

d) Coal grinding machine is already purchased and is present at the site for installation.


       Testing and trial run has started from 1st April 2022. During raining season the project will run smoothly as the entire Brick making kiln will be covered  with iron sheet and iron structure. Transformer of 250 KVA has already been installed  and necessary arrangement has been made with concerned department for commissioning.

                                                      ENTIRE LAYOUT


                                              FACTORY WORK SHED




                                               CLAY BIRCK MAKING MACHINE                       



                                        DRYING SHED WITH TROLLEY


                                                BRICK KILN



                               COAL GRINDING MACHINE




                         TRANSFORMER 250KVA (3-Phase)


                        CHIMNEY - TESTING OF BRICK KILN


                           TRIAL  PRODUCTION STARTED