Navodaya Vidalaya Samiti (An Autonomous Organization of Ministry of HRD) has appointed ZIDCO as a Construction Agency for taking up the Construction of JNV, Saiha (Mizoram) - Phase-A on April 2008. The site is situated at Thingsen village which is 4kms from Saiha. The approach road was only Jeepable however the Contractor has constructed the road and started the actual construction works from January 2011. Also, due to the late arrival of the Architectural & Structural Drawings the construction works was delayed.

The Project cost is Rs. 1420.43 lakhs. As the construction works was running smoothly, we have submitted the Revised Preliminary Estimate (RPE) on October 2012. Finally, after some modifications the RPE was approved amounting to Rs. 2774.17 lakhs. But during mention period from 2013-2017 i.e. 4 years the construction works cease for acceptance of RPE which greatly hampered the constructed works as well as ongoing works as no bill were sanctioned within this period. The project commenced once again after the approval of RPE in 2017 with the release of 7th R.A. Bill.

At present the construction works is in progress and 85% of the construction is completed and the Running Bill upto 16th Running Bill is sanctioned and received which amounts to Rs. 2439.18 lakhs. The construction amounts remaining to be executed will be Rs. 334.99 lakhs.

                  LAYOUT OF THE PROJECT

                         SCHOOL BUILDING

                      KITCHEN & DINNING

                      PRINCIPAL RESIDENCE

                          BOYS DORMITORYS

                GIRLS DORMITORYS


                  STAFF QUARTERS